About me

I'm a BSMS combined degree student at Northwestern University (Expected June 2026), majoring in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. I am passionate about data-driven algorithms, spanning the fields of data science, machine learning, and software engineering.

My technical interests are centered around Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Operations Research and Optimization, and Data Engineering. I also have diverse work experience in software engineering, research, technical support, and tutoring.

I am actively seeking internship/co-op opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year.


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    Machine Learning

    I have work experience in ML model training and fine-tuning, with comprehensive skills in data processing.

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    Software Engineering

    I am skilled in both front-end and back-end software development, as well as UX/UI design.

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    Data Science

    I am fluent in R and SQL, with a solid foundation in statistics and data visualization.

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    I am a semi-professional photographer specializing in sports, portraits, and casual photography.




  1. Northwestern University

    2022.9 - 2026.6

    Combined BSMS degree in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science

    GPA: 4.0/4.0 McCormick School of Engineering High Honnor


  1. Research Intern: Galaxy Image Deblurring, Bio Inspired Vision Lab

    2024.5 - Now

    - Prepare synthetic training datasets by simulating blurry JWST-based galaxy images, applying Point Spread Functions (PSF) across all wavelengths, and introducing simulated read noises and cosmic rays

    - Apply Plug-and-Play ADMM algorithm to improve image reconstruction quality for weak lensing studies. Benchmark on galaxies with varying noise levels, evaluating robustness to systematic PSF errors and ablations

    - Collaborate with astronomers and conduct sensitivity analysis to increase the interpretability of the machine learning model for scientific uses

  2. Software Engineer Intern (NLP), DataYes Inc.

    2023.6 - 2023.8

    - Collaborated closely with senior engineers to design the back-end router for an Investment Research Assisting Chatbot, integrating RAG techniques to retrieve self-owned data while reducing response wait time

    - Led multi-task training on ChatGLM2, a bilingual language model, employing QLoRA and pre-training to enhance financial news analysis, maintaining reasonable training time while replacing the previous RoBERTa-based solution

    - Conducted in-depth research to select base models, analyzed academic papers for performance comparison, and communicated findings through a comprehensive testing report

  3. Quant Developer, Northwestern Financial Technologies Club

    2022.10 — Now

    - Implemented a reliable data parser for processing raw trade data to generate effective features

    - Build deep learning models (LSTM, RNNs, etc.) for prediction and conducted back-testing

    - Engaged in Northwestern Trading Competition and completed internal training in common trading strategies

  4. Web Developer, The Daily Northwestern

    2023.1 — 2023.11

    - Developed landing pages and interactive to showcase content from special issues, reaching 30,000+ readers

    - Led the redesign of the official website and provide ongoing technical support to all team members

    - Collaborated with Chicago Maroon, develop a user-friendly webpage creation tool for general reporters

My skills

  • Python, R, SQL, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, MATLAB, AMPL, LATEX
  • NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, OpenCV, Librosa, LangChain, Matplotlib, Statsmodels
  • Git, SQLite, Docker, CUDA, AWS, Postman, VS Code, MongoDB, Figma, Jupyter, Google Cloud Platform



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